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Automotive Electronics Engineer
Wuhan Hanyang
1 person
Recruitment requirements:

1. Participate in project requirements analysis, and carry out the summary and detailed design of system framework and core module

2. According to the product design description, the logic design and schematic diagram meeting the functional requirements are designed

3. Independent PCB design, device selection, PCB debugging, system simulation and whole circuit test;

4. Drive development, code program debugging, cooperate with product testing and constantly modify and improve software;

5. Prepare corresponding technical documents and project documents according to the specifications;

6. Responsible for hardware development, test optimization, and cooperating with system engineers to carry out joint debugging test of software and hardware;

7. Responsible for customer requirements docking, assisting customer testing deployment system, technical docking with suppliers, assisting suppliers in developing and producing products

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in automotive electronics, electrical automation, electronic information, computer, etc;

2. Under the age of 35 years old, especially excellent can be relaxed to 40 years old;

3. Master's degree and more than 2 years of hardware development experience, or bachelor's degree in automotive electronic embedded development for more than 5 years (automotive electronic hardware development experience is preferred), C / C + + development experience, industrial Ethernet, TSN and other product development experience is preferred;

4. Familiar with analog circuit, digital circuit, familiar with circuit design software, able to independently carry out device selection, schematic design, PCB layout; familiar with vehicle controller development; familiar with AUTOSAR related specifications; familiar with can, can-fd, Lin, FlexRay and other protocols; proficient in using oscillograph, signal source, logic analyzer and other equipment for various tests;

5. Proficient in English reading and writing, able to consult foreign language materials and solve problems;

6. Good sense of teamwork;

7. Good health, able to work overtime when necessary.

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